Aluminium Pool Fencing: A Stylish, Cost-effective Fencing Solution

There is a wide gamut of pool fencing options available in the market today but the popularity of Aluminium Pool Fencing in Melbourne, and other parts of the globe, is surging. This is because aluminium fencing is strong yet light and easy to install. Apart from this, Aluminium Pool Fencing in Melbourne is also popular because of its affordability. Simple, clean and stylish lines, provides enough visibility in and around the pool area so that you can keep your kids safe while retain the aesthetic appeal of your pool.

Why Choose Aluminium Pool Fencing?

Aluminium pool fencing is an obvious choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective, long lasting fencing solution. Unlike other metals, aluminium is lightweight yet strong and it does not stain or rust, making it the most logical choice for saltwater swimming pools in coastal areas.


Aluminium pool fencing is available in a variety of styles to suit the design of your backyard pool. Homeowners who just want to add security to their outdoor swimming pool usually opt for aluminium fencing, while those who want to make their pool site a more private area choose aluminium fencing with louvers and slats. This type of fencing can be up to seven feet high, providing adequate privacy. The fencing is also available in two designs- flat top and loop top; and in various colors such as satin black, silver, cream, woodland grey, etc.


Aluminium Pool Fencing in Melbourne offered by Zenith Systems are made from supreme quality aluminium, assuring its toughness and durability. Since aluminium does not rust and is moisture and corrosion resistant, it will last for many decades.

Aluminium Fence Price

It costs less than most other pool fencing alternatives. However, prices do vary from region to region. The price depends on the size and designing of fencing, quality of the material used, installation methods, number of gates, and whether the fence is powder coated or not.


  • Aluminium pool fencing is rust free and moisture resistant.
  • It is available in various colors to match your pool decor.
  • It adds style and safety to your pool area.
  • This type of pool fencing simply requires cleaning with a wet cloth.
  • With proper care, your aluminium pool fence will keep looking like new even several years after installation.
  • The powder coated sleek aluminium bars withstand weather changes.
  • Aluminium pool fencing can be easily installed with a good electric drill within a very short period of time. All that is required to install this fencing are a few nuts and bolts, which are easily available with any pool material supplier or in a hardware store.

There is nothing better than aluminium pool fencing to provide a privacy, security and subdued elegance to your backyard pool. To get latest quotes for Aluminium pool fencing in Melbourne, call us at 040-7880-861

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